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China Sea Rates is dedicated to saving importers from China even further than shipping rates. All our valued clients have the opportunity to acquire our finance solutions, which are a huge benefit to you. Either to your current lending arrangement or any upcoming projects you may be looking at.

Shipping and finance are matched well as an offer. Most finance companies dictate the shipping companies that are used, leaving the importer in many instances paying inflated shipping charges. This is not the case with our offer.

The finance solution is a lending product for importers from China assisting them with the purchase of their goods. Many different expressions are used for the finance, a few examples are; trade finance or supply chain finance. If you have a need for finance to assist your business we are here to assist.

We offer a range of products to suit the various requirements our clients have. The products differ mainly on the amount required to loan. Having several packages allows our clients options for their requirements.

Benefits of our Finance:

  • Low interest rate
  • Free upfront credit checking
  • No security or directors guarantee
  • No limit
  • Facility can be rolled over several times
  • Generous payment terms.

Our expert team are waiting to assist. Please contact us and we will match you to the best product.

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