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Type Qty Type Qty
20GP 20HQ
40GP 40HQ
20RF 40RF
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How the Calculator Works

To start using the calculator, please click on the fields and enter your details. If you are unsure of a heading or requirement float the cursor over the field, a bubble will appear explaining what the term or field requires.

Difficulties with the Freight Calculator?- please contact us.

Once you have completed the calculator click the search key. A new screen will appear indicating the top 15 options for your request, sorted from cheapest to most expensive. The results page will also display such items as:

  • Transit time (Sailing time port to port)
  • Freight agent (Agent to handle the shipment)
  • Frequency  (How often the vessel departs)
  • Agent rating (CSR efficiency rating)
  • Freight and Port Charges

The results screen will only display the freight and port charges rates. If the shipment has additional charges for extra services, for example customs clearance, an additional section for completion will be displayed below the results screen to finalize the request.

Upon completion, click the book now button. We will then contact you and start processing your request.

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